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Exceptional Tuning and Driver Optimisation



F101.2 features Funktion-One's unique sound quality and purity of design in a compact format.

F101.2 provides Funktion-One’s renowned sonic performance in a compact and useful form factor. This, along with its outstanding acoustic efficiency, makes F101.2 a highly versatile and cost effective solution for applications including domestic listening, studio monitoring, retail, bars, restaurants and galleries as well as being a handy ‘go to’ for the rental user. Flared bass reflex ports minimise turbulence and maximise our refined cabinet tuning. A high resolution 1” HF device and Funktion-One designed waveguide delivers precise high frequencies to 20kHz. F101.2 benefits from our minimalist approach to passive crossover design, achieving very low distortion and excellent integration between drivers, to give a stable and engaging image. NL4 and Phoenix connector variants are combined into a common connector panel, simplifying purchasing and inventory management. Combine with SB212 or BR115 for compact full range use.

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