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Realism, Detail, Liveliness and High Output



F1201.2 features Funktion-One sound in an extremely versatile 12” and horn-loaded 1” configuration.

F1201.2 offers the potential for use as a full range cabinet, providing balanced low frequency down to 80Hz. Equally at home as part of a small front of house system or as fills in larger systems, F1201.2 is a versatile tool for both installers and rental users. An integrated flared bass reflex port minimises turbulence and maximises our refined cabinet tuning. A high resolution 1” HF device and Funktion-One designed waveguide delivers precise high frequencies to 20kHz. F1201.2 benefits from our minimalist approach to passive crossover design, achieving very low distortion and excellent integration between drivers, to give a stable and engaging image. NL4 and Phoenix connector variants are combined into a common connector panel, simplifying purchasing and inventory management. Combine with BR118 for a powerful and compact mobile system.

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