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High Intensity Mid-Bass for Installations

Horn Loaded Bass


F315 offers extremely well defined mid-bass from a slimline enclosure; bringing new power, clarity and output to an important yet often neglected area of the frequency spectrum.

Utilising similar bass loading technology to Funktion-One’s highly regarded F215 and F218 MKIIs, with a high performance driver specification and an overall tuning for more impact; the F315 delivers outstanding mid/upper bass performance. Adding the extra 15” driver, compared to a standard F215 MKII, not only gives 50% more power but the unique complement of 3 drivers to 2 horns unifies this power in an extremely cohesive and coherent manner. The F315 can be ideally combined with other Funktion-One bass enclosures such as the F221, BR221 or BR218 and mid-high enclosures such at the DS210 or Evo range.

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