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Ultra Compact Funktion-One Sound



F5.2 is an ultra compact and extremely balanced loudspeaker, with a natural sound quality not typically found in loudspeakers of its size.

F5.2 is the smallest loudspeaker in our Compact Range, making it a valuable tool for the AV installer, bringing Funktion-One sound to distributed audio systems in bars, restaurants and retail applications. F5.2 is equally well suited to domestic listening, home theatre, spatial audio and home DJ monitoring applications. A Funktion-One specified high sensitivity 5” delivers excellent coherency and builds an impressive image when used in near field situations. NL4 and Phoenix connector variants are combined into a common connector panel. Pair with SB8 for discreet, high performance installation or choose SB8A for a very compact self powered Funktion-One system. Combination of 2 x F5.2 with 1 x SB8A makes for an outstanding, highly mobile, self-powered small party system.

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