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Revolutionary Stage Sound Performance



PSM18 point source stage monitor is a radical departure from the standard 15" and compression-driver configuration, delivering a significant performance advantage over conventional monitors.

The PSM18's triple concentric arrangement comprises a very high power 18” driver with a coaxially mounted two-way compression driver. The natural materials used in the midrange section of the compression driver combined with its 700Hz -18kHz bandwidth give previously unheard clarity and definition to the vocal range. The ultra-fast 18" driver with its Neodymium magnet and 5” voice coil is optimised for low frequency definition making the monitor also well suited to use for Bass and Drums. The PSM18 has a 70° Funktion-One conical waveguide for high efficiency and control, and the point-source arrangement is optimum for smooth coverage and minimising feedback. As usual with Funktion-One's design approach, corrective EQ is unnecessary leaving the enclosure phase coherent with plenty of headroom.

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