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RES 1.5

High-Fidelity Two-Way Loudspeaker



Building on the success of the innovative Res 1, the Res 1.5 is a 2-way loudspeaker enclosure with 90° dispersion, high-fidelity and good low frequency output for its size.

Our unique axhead-loaded 5” wide-range driver is combined with a substantial 18” bass driver to present a highly capable two way enclosure. In common with the Res 1, the 5” driver eliminates the need for a compression driver. Our bass loading technology enables use of an 18” driver in an enclosure size where previously only a 15” could have been used. As is typical with Funktion-One loudspeakers, there is no system EQ and the resulting sound is extremely involving. The Res 1.5 is well suited to applications needing a single enclosure per side, including theatres, entertainment venues and worship spaces.

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